Corporate- and Authorities networks: A Popular Target for Attacks


Nowadays, almost all industrial and business processes are supported by electronic data processing systems. This makes the highest demands on the availability of the IT infrastructure, no matter if the application concerned is email communications or ERP systems. Trouble-free operation is an important factor for success.

The continuously growing attacks on corporate networks by worms, viruses, trojan horses, DoS attacks, spam emails, or other potential hacker attacks threaten business success in an increasingly more concrete manner. Nowadays, successful attacks cause damage worth millions of Euros, decrease productivity, infringe company secrets, and finally endanger the very substance of the enterprises or of authorities.

Ever more sophisticated and intelligent malware also threaten your network. In the past few years, attacks on corporate and authority networks have become more and more numerous, manifold, and complex. The times in which a firewall and a virus scanner could be considered a sufficient security solution are over for good. It becomes day by day more important to protect yourself against these dangers and to prevent damage due to theft or destruction of corporate and authority data.

The IP security systems of bintec elmeg Securiy GmbH offer flexible premium solutions for the security of entire networks, and clearly help minimize the mentioned risks and improve the security in companies effectively. Not least because of their low purchase and operating costs they also guarantee a quick RoI (Return on Investment).

packetalarm IDS NG – High-Performance Intrusion Detection

Sensitive infrastructures with high security needs require an attack detection solution that does not impair availability or performance. This is why the packetalarm systems are your number one choice.

Invisible in sniffing mode, the packetalarm IDS NG listens to the network and scans all data going by.All attacks are logged and can trigger an alarm. If the prevention system is activated, attacks are prevented using TCP reset or firewall hardening.

The packetalarm IDS NG-System also detects attacks in internal network segments and is expert in high-performance attack detection. The sensor/manager architecture enables all sensors to be administered easily and cost-effectively from a single central point.


  • High-speed Intrusion Detection Engine
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Event-Correlation
  • TCP reset and firewall hardening
  • User-friendly IDS rule editor
  • Automatic software and pattern update
  • Simple-to-use management interface
  • Distributed Sensor/Manager Architecture
  • Easy Configuration and Administration

packetalarm IPS NG – High-Performance Intrusion Prevention

The packetalarm IPS NG product line has been specially developed for monitoring internal network gateways and can be installed in bridging mode on layer 2. The possibility of integration into layer 2 means the product can be installed easily and transparently in front of internal systems without any need for laborious or cost-intensive conversion work.

If attacks and threats to protected systems are detected, these can be automatically blocked and filtered out of the data stream.


  • Layer 2/Layer 3 Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Auto Prevention
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Also available as redundant HA cluster
  • Integration in bridging mode
  • Event Correlation
  • User-friendly IPS rule editor
  • Automatic software and pattern update
  • Simple-to-use management interface
  • Distributed Sensor/Manager Architecture
  • Easy Configuration and Administration

packetalarm NG IDS/IPS Feature Diagram

Network based
Integration Layer 2 (bridging mode)
Passive Integration (sniffing mode)
Auto prevention
Event Correlation
Sensor Management
Forensic analysis
Auto reporting
Traffic Trace
Automatic update
Integrated signatures > 30.000 > 30.000
Layer 2 / Layer 3 Firewall